AUDIO: Fuzzysurf – “Fuzzy & The Surfs”

After much anticipation, and three incredibly strong singles, Fuzzysurf released their sophomore album, “Fuzzy & The Surfs” over the weekend. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a band that’s about to hit it’s stride, this is the album to check out immediately. With a sound reminiscent of 60’s pop, the band puts a refresh on a tried and true formula, with clean guitars, crisp organ keys, and melodies that will be stuck in your head for days. Anchored by singles “Problems”, “Denny”, and “Please Please Me Too”, the band have proven themselves more than capable of writing hit songs, and that doesn’t stop with just the songs released to the public prior to the album release. Fuzzysurf have some top notch material with this record, and this should lead to some big things down the line for them. Check out “Fuzzy & The Surfs” below:

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