Immortal Girlfriend and DRiPSweat Play Sold Out Show

Immortal Girlfriend,

Immortal Girlfriend and DJ DRiPSweat accompanied the modern-soul world-rock duo Wild Belle for a sold-out show at Cactus Club Tuesday evening, presented in partnership with WMSE 91.7FM and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. Immortal Girlfriend had been added to the show only a couple nights prior after Wild Belle’s touring band became unable to play.

DJ DRiPSweat is the stage name of Dria Rushing. She is the 2018 Wome!nz Spot DJ competition champion of MKE Pridefest and is a regular DJ of spaces that promote gender positivity, mental health awareness, and the LGBTQ+ community. She recently hosted the “Blue Seize” night at Company Brewing on March 23rd, which had all kinds of world music all night long.

“It was a little rough for me, and by rough I just mean the lack of support that I had for the event,” DRiPSweat said, “but it was also last minute and it’s fine. It went great for me inside. I played all my favorite jams I don’t usually get to play and that’s why I created the show; not a lot of people are playing what I got to play that night. It’s focused on different genres and languages.”

DRiSPweat discusses the layers of being a black queer woman DJ.

“I think it really needs to get better in order for me and people like me to actually feel their whole selves. Often I feel like I hold back on what to do and how to look and what to play. That’s why I’m not out (at Cactus) like that. There just needs to be more openness in the community. Specifically in the DJ scene it’s full of men. If I’m going anywhere I’m about to see a guy probably. It doesn’t matter how old or young; they’re usually playing top forty or house. It’s just a lot of the same things. I have a couple of friends who are women of color who are DJ’s and every time I go out and hear them, it blows my mind and it’s amazing how unheard of we can be.”

DJ DRiPSweat spins at Snack Boys the next three Wednesday’s. She also spins Pourman’s on the 19th and Urban Beets on the 20th.

Immortal Girlfriend is an electronic synthpop duo consisting of brothers Kevin and Will Bush. Inspired by 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, the duo’s debut EP “Daybreak” dropped back in 2017. They won Band of the Year at the 2018 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards.

The duo is deciding between releasing an EP or a full-length project this summer.

“We’ve been talking about whether or not people listen to albums anymore, or if they like singles or EP’s,” Will said, “so we’ve been kind of juggling with those ideas. We’re at a point now where we keep writing and we’re liking what we’re writing, so we’re gonna compile it all together and put it out one way or another.”

Immortal Girlfriend find that being brothers that play music together helps with being transparent with one another about the direction to go in.

“We get along well as brothers, but there’s a freedom there to be honest with the music, like when we’re creating something and we’re not gonna hurt each others’ feelings,” Will said. “We’ve been making music as siblings for awhile now and we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.”

Will underwent two surgeries per treatment for cancer this past fall, which had a profound impact on his mindset.

“Right before I went into the hospital, we were just starting to catch fire and get a lot of gigs. I felt like I got sick and just couldn’t do anything. It was a realization where everything that I love to do I couldn’t do, at least for a time…and I had to take a time out. During that time it gave me a lot of perspective. It definitely helped me in coming back to the music to give me a new appreciation and love for it, and also pull from those negative experiences and turn them around. There’s nothing I could have done to have gotten out of that situation and it does change you. Being a cancer survivor gives you a new lease on life.”

Immortal Girlfriend play the Pabst Brewery & Taproom April 13th, Der Rath in Madison April 18th, Lex Allen’s EP Release Party April 27th, and High Noon Saloon in Madison on May 25th.

“I’m just happy that those hospital bed dream visions are turning out in real life,” Will said.

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