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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Beams (I Know You Love Me)”

Milwaukee’s lords of synth Immortal Girlfriend have returned with their first single of the year. Soaring into a twilight ether, this song is about finding immense solace in someone else; they came into your life at the right time. Beaming with layers of magenta and indigo and amber, Immortal Girlfriend harken to explosive love with “Beams (I Know You Love

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VIDEO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Seeker”

Synth knights Immortal Girlfriend have the visual out for their song “Seeker.” In this Bash-directed video, Will and Kevin meet with a hooded figure who observes some kind of power within them. Eventually the two men battle the figure, using their lightning-like powers to prevail. There’s animated illustrations of these scenarios depicted between the real life shots, giving it a

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AUDIO: Black Challenger – “Radiance”

Dark synthwave artist Black Challenger is out with his second album today. Without any lyrics, “Radiance” dwells in the night-cloaked rapture of electronic ether. There’s not a single moment of under-confidence in adventure here; the Challenger knows exactly where he’s going at all times, and the result is an enthralling expedition with each movement. For those that don’t know, Black

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AUDIO: Matthu – “UV Love”

Matthu is the new solo project started by Kevin Bush of synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend. He’s out with his debut single, and it’s an acoustic-electronic tune where he compares love to sunlight. Bush wants this person and only this person to have a profound effect on his heart. It’s interesting how Matthu is combining a singer-songwriter approach with atmospheric psychedelia

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Beyond the Blue”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend dropped a new single today and it’s about running from your true self. The real ones can read you well-enough to know when you’re stuck in bad faith, and Immortal Girlfriend calmly tell you that whatever you’re afraid of is an illusion. They cloak this divine message with a twilight-soaked ocean of delicate electronica – that

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VIDEO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Others”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend have a new video/short film to accompany their recent single “Others.” It features a couple moving into a new house, excited to share the space together. Eventually they run into personal conflicts that turn violent; the woman attacks and knocks the man unconscious, dragging him into a secret underground room. He wakes up and finds other

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