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AUDIO: Matthu – “UV Love”

Matthu is the new solo project started by Kevin Bush of synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend. He’s out with his debut single, and it’s an acoustic-electronic tune where he compares love to sunlight. Bush wants this person and only this person to have a profound effect on his heart. It’s interesting how Matthu is combining a singer-songwriter approach with atmospheric psychedelia

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Beyond the Blue”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend dropped a new single today and it’s about running from your true self. The real ones can read you well-enough to know when you’re stuck in bad faith, and Immortal Girlfriend calmly tell you that whatever you’re afraid of is an illusion. They cloak this divine message with a twilight-soaked ocean of delicate electronica – that

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VIDEO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Others”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend have a new video/short film to accompany their recent single “Others.” It features a couple moving into a new house, excited to share the space together. Eventually they run into personal conflicts that turn violent; the woman attacks and knocks the man unconscious, dragging him into a secret underground room. He wakes up and finds other

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Others”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend have a new tune out today to continue their recent streak. The song gives us the picture that visitors in the sky are coming, complete with helicopter and ambulance samples. The duo keeps their electric-ocean soundscape open but with a heavier, more industrial melody that picks up steam with keen senses of fear and wonder. We

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Seeker”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend’s latest single is about relentlessly searching for something deeper. The melody rises and falls between the electronic textures like we’re in a sea of synths. Immortal Girlfriend are known for making music to take late night drives to, and this tune is an optimal addition to your speedy moonlight getaway. We’re excited to watch what they’ll

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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Ordinary”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy’s latest single is about feeling evil. Quirky and feathery, Zuppy sings about not wanting to be around those that are ordinary. It seems by “evil” he means that he thinks outside the box and perceives life different than most, for which he tells Christ to “crucify him.” Kevin Bush of Immortal Girlfriend contributes percussion. It’s

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