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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Ordinary”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy’s latest single is about feeling evil. Quirky and feathery, Zuppy sings about not wanting to be around those that are ordinary. It seems by “evil” he means that he thinks outside the box and perceives life different than most, for which he tells Christ to “crucify him.” Kevin Bush of Immortal Girlfriend contributes percussion. It’s

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AUDIO: Black Challenger – “Vigilance”

William Bush of Immortal Girlfriend has a new dark-synth solo project, and he’s out with his first album. Entirely instrumental, he describes the record as “the soundtrack to vengeance and vigilance.” The project’s name refers not only to the car but to Bush’s mindset as he relates to the world. Some cuts are danceable, some are suspenseful, and some are

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend Ft. Hailey Orion and Deezie Brown – “Friday Night”

Synthpop duo Immortal Girlfriend collaborated with two Texas natives, pop artist Hailey Orion and funk-hip hop artist Deezie Brown, on their latest single. Opening with nighttime crickets, the tune blossoms into a vibrant pop-wave with the feel of a midnight cruise. It twinkles with the atmospheric wonder Immortal Girlfriend have championed over the years. The cover art features ruby depictions

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