Mud Dog and Nobody’s Fault Bring Mayhem to Bremen

Mud Dog.

The bitter cold of the outside world did not stop rambunctious moshes from occurring throughout Bremen Cafe’s bill Sunday evening as Nobody’s Fault and Mud Dog played ferocious sets alongside Madison psychedelic punk outfit No Love Dog and Detroit emo grunge band Antighost.

Nobody’s Fault plays a hybrid of alternative metal and hard rock, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Eddie Ahrenhoerster, as well as bassist Stephen Jensen and drummer John Pankow right behind him. Ahrenhoerster was taken aback as Christmas lights illuminated the stage right as their set began.

“I did not know that was a thing,” Ahrenhoerster said.

Nobody’s Fault dropped their debut EP “Help Yourself” in December, consisting of three tracks. While they ready a new single to be released within the next month, they play Walker’s Point Music Hall on the 10th and Roscoe’s in West Allis on the 17th in the meantime.

“What the hardcore scene needs is an all-ages venue,” Ahrenhoerster said. “We have many house shows here and those are all ages; most of the time no alcohol is allowed. I think Milwaukee needs (an all-ages venue) more than ever with all the talent coming out from all sorts of genres.”

Milwaukee is in luck, as the city’s musical renaissance has put in motion the development of The New State, an all-ages sober music venue being constructed in the old State Theater building.

Mud Dog is a hardcore punk outfit consisting of vocalist Matt Klein, guitarist Jake Hardy, bassist Alex Hardy, and drummer Aaron Kurowski. The band has been active throughout Milwaukee’s hardcore scene since early 2017 and is enjoying success from their debut record “Survive” that dropped in March of last year.

Klein speaks highly of JJ Kaiser, whom he believes currently has the best venue to host hardcore shows.

“(JJ) has been going to shows probably for the last ten years; he goes to just about every show he can. He started putting on shows in his basement and took on the risk of having hundreds of people there just to get bands to come here. He doesn’t do it for money, he just loves hardcore and alternative music.”

Mud Dog plans to release a 7″ EP and do more more out-of-state touring in 2019. They play the Halloween House in Bay View on the 12th.

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