AUDIO: Masked Intruder – “III”

After setting out a swarm of singles in the last few months, today marks the release of Masked Intruder’s latest album, “III”. The band is catchy as ever on this album, which is out now via Pure Noise Records. Supported by singles “No Case”, “All Of My Love”, and “Please Come Back To Me”, the band manages to write punk songs that have all the appeal of a pop song, with elements like clever hand claps and chants that make these songs hard to forget hearing. Every song has the potential to be a single, which is hard to to do in the context of a 12-track album, but Masked Intruder’s crime-themed songwriting make it sound easy. Our favorite track is obviously “B&E”, but we may be a little biased. You can catch Masked Intruder opening for The Interrupters at Turner Hall Ballroom on April 2nd, but you can bounce along to “III” here below:

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