Endless Era and Versio Curs Play a Show with Spirit…and Spirits

Twisted Path Distillery filled up both their liquor and beer bars Friday evening as Endless Era and Versio Curs each played an energetic set. The show served as Endless Era’s live debut following the release of their first single, “Mine.”

“We had a couple ideas about what should be our first single, and it was really about what was ready,” singer Caleb Rogers said. “We realized Valentine’s Day was coming up and wanted to launch something kinda memorable and thought tying it to a holiday would be fun. So we themed it {“Mine”} with a heart.”

Endless Era is an indie pop band recently on the map in town. Their sound is described as “new wave 80’s nostalgia” influenced by the likes of The 1975, Walk the Moon and LANY.

“We’re all good friends,” Rogers said regarding his bandmates. “We were just casually writing songs together and it kinda happened organically.”

Endless Era has a Miramar show with fellow Milwaukee pop bands newvices, Yam Haus, and Clear Pioneer coming up March 29th.

“We might do one or two more singles and then an EP by the summer,” guitarist Jon Eleyet said.

Versio Curs is a five-piece indie rock band bridging the realms of power pop and emo, signed to Moth Man Records. Their debut record “How Are You” turned a year old on February 6th. Friday’s set consisted of songs off their album as well as fresh tracks being tailored into their next record, which they say is about halfway written.

“I actually listened to our album today for the first time in a couple months,” bassist Alex Hardy said. “I think it’s aged pretty well.”

Versio Curs embarks on their first out-of-state string of shows in late March. Their stops include the Twin Cities, Cedar Rapids, IA, and Elgin, IL.

“Tonight people were singing along…that scares me,” drummer Josh Ehlke joked.

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