AUDIO: The Slurs – “Shatter Sessions”

Milwaukee punks The Slurs are doing everything right with their debut album, “Shatter Sessions”. The band is made up of Milwaukee music veterans, and that experience comes into play when you hear the songwriting on this album. While following a simplistic punk rock ethos, this is a straight up rock n’ roll record that doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to energy or attitude. Every song on the release is memorable, and the album plays like a collection of singles at times. From the straightforward “Trust No One” to not-so-subtle songs like “Fat Machine” and “Blood + Alcohol”, The Slurs aren’t necessarily trying to win any morality contests, but the songs are inescapable with a clean sound that packs a tight, wall-of-sound feel when you hear it. The Slurs don’t play around with their debut, and they could make some big waves if they continue from this jumping off point. Check out “Shatter Sessions” below:

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