AUDIO: Peeper & Le Play – “Find The Earth (Club Frills Vol. 1)”

It can’t be understated enough that making unique, distinctly weird music is important for the musical landscape altogether. That’s how we ended up with alternative music like punk and trance in the first place. In the spirit of that, the latest album from Peeper & Le Play, “Find The Earth (Club Frills Vol. 1)”, is distinctly weird in the best way possible. The limits are completely off with this album, which can border from creative pop to pseudo-drum and bass and everywhere in between in the course of ten tracks. The album is the group’s first in the better part of four years, and feels fitting, as an accent to the rest of Milwaukee’s music scene in some ways. You can check out the record release show for “Find The Earth (Club Frills Vol. 1)” tomorrow night at Cactus Club, and check out the album here below:

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