AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “Worship”

If you follow the Milwaukee music scene, you’ve probably scene Dubb Saq’s name pop up. The local artist puts out music at a rapid pace, and seemingly records at an even more frantic one. The latest EP from Dubb is “Worship”, and it arguably might be his strongest work to date. We get five strong tracks on this project, and features from Suki!, Azure The Paradox, McGuire Is God, Nick Grace, and Maverick make this a team effort. Dubb mixes hard trap beats with strong flows on this project, and also creates a showcase of some of the fellow young talent looking to takeover in the coming years. Dubb Saq is growing rapidly as an artist, and has already come a long way from the person that we heard on his early work. Check out “Worship” below:

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