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‘Mi Corazón’ is Mariannah y Diego’s Comfort Song for the Pandemic

Mariannah y Diego (MYD) is a Christian music duo that started just right before the pandemic started. Mariannah Aguilera is a worship leader based in Havana, Cuba. She’s in charge of vocals and contributes with guitars and keyboards. Meanwhile, Diego Archer congregates at Hillsong Dallas. He also performs and arranges all instruments in Texas. The duo works their songs from

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REVIEW: The Shrine – “Bless Off”

From the moment I started listening to The Shrine’s “Bless Off”, I knew instinctively that I was listening to it on the wrong speakers. I was listening on my laptop, but clearly, this was an album made for PA Speakers, not just anywhere, but at the skatepark. It needs to be sunny, warm, and well, frankly, California-esque to properly hear

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