‘Mi Corazón’ is Mariannah y Diego’s Comfort Song for the Pandemic

Mariannah y Diego (MYD) is a Christian music duo that started just right before the pandemic started. Mariannah Aguilera is a worship leader based in Havana, Cuba. She’s in charge of vocals and contributes with guitars and keyboards. Meanwhile, Diego Archer congregates at Hillsong Dallas. He also performs and arranges all instruments in Texas.

The duo works their songs from a long-distance setup, and working on a song from different countries doesn’t seem to be a barrier for Mariannah y Diego. Their gospel songs are well-received in Latin America. Their music is a modern take on church songs as they classify it as an “electro-pop music style featuring rhythms known as chill-wave, tropical house, and EDM.”

Their latest single, ‘Mi Corazón’, was written in early 2020/pre-pandemic times and was about a cancer patient passing away. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, Mariannah y Diego deemed the song fit for anyone affected by the virus.

They released a music video for ‘Mi Corazón’ last August. It showed how even if one’s life has ended; God will bring a new beginning. The duo shares, “The song showcases the last moments of someone’s life — a fulfilling life lived with purpose and compassion, although bittersweet since friends and family will still suffer. The song encourages each listener to be grateful, have peace, and live their best life with purpose.”

This timely and inspirational chill-wave song from Mariannah y Diego gives fans hope and peace during these uncertain times. ‘Mi Corazón’ will be part of Mariannah y Diego’s new album entitled Comienzo which is to be released by late October. 

Watch Mariannah y Diego’sMi Corazón’ on YouTube and listen to the song on Spotify.

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