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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “MEANT2BE”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq dropped his 2nd song of the year. He takes a somber direction with this one, dropping bars about distance he’s feeling in a relationship. She’s letting his calls ring, he’s spending more time alone, and he’s wondering if she’s upset about what he hasn’t said. Dubb Saq is trying his best not to let trauma

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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “Levitating”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq keeps them coming with his new single “Levitating.” He’s feeling on top of everything with this woman by his side; he wants to see the world with her and plow through the haters together. She inspires him to go harder and has him feeling like he’s floating every time she catches his eye. Dubb Saq

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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “1 More Call”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq dropped a new song dedicated to his beloved Uncle Nate. He wishes he could sit at the table and have lunch or take one more call from him; Saq reminisces on the conversations they had with a sample of a voicemail his uncle left him telling him he thinks he’ll get signed someday. It’s a

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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “Dubb Lightyear”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq has a new single out this week…and he’s become a space ranger. With the dark and mysterious production characteristic of Saq, he raps about falling in love with the pain of the grind, and never hitting the brakes as he goes. His verse touches on dealing with failure by working extra hard, applying even more

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