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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “Dubb Lightyear”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq has a new single out this week…and he’s become a space ranger. With the dark and mysterious production characteristic of Saq, he raps about falling in love with the pain of the grind, and never hitting the brakes as he goes. His verse touches on dealing with failure by working extra hard, applying even more

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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “Michael (Long Live Money Mike)”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq’s latest single finds him unstoppable as he secures the bag. He raps about doing whatever it takes, while he’s young, to make enough money to take care of his friends and family. It’s what drives him, and he doesn’t want to look back when he’s older at what he could’ve done different. Dubb Saq lays

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AUDIO: Dubb Saq – “Full Effect”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq has a new EP out this week to keep his creative streak going. The theme here is staying in the driver’s seat and remaining unbothered by the haters. Saq raps about attention from beautiful women, never fumbling a move, not hearing shit from broke dudes, and feeling pressure to always be on the go. Fellow

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AUDIO: Dubb Saq FT. DG $avage – “Sugar”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq has been letting things out of the vault, and his latest single features DG $avage. They’re rapping about needing a sugar momma; living life in the fast lane isn’t easy and also isn’t cheap. Having an older woman to care for your financial needs would be clutch, so Saq and $avage have fun with their

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VIDEO: Dubb Saq – “I Could Never”

Hip hop artist Dubb Saq has a video out to “I Could Never” from his recent “Dubb is Down” EP. Shot by Redline, Saq is depicted as missing for months, with this footage found on a camera in his home. He’s shown cooped up and losing his mind; he destroys various objects in the middle of his floor while talking

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