While many tend to stay within their lane, Milwaukee artist JAY_JAM_JACK looks to go experimental on his latest project, “ANTI_SOCIAL II”. The project is his fourth EP, and from a sonic standpoint, veers into a direction that is somewhere opposite of the mainstream, and unique to his vocal style. The production on the seven-track outing combines trap 808s with Chinese taiko drum kits, synths, and much more. Lyrically, the topics covered range from addiction and depression to redemption, and much more. This is the first project that we’ve gotten from JAY_JAM_JACK in over two years, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to believe that the subjects of the lyrical content would be responsible for the time off. It’s a unique sound, and if you haven’t heard JAY_JAM_JACK in the past, catch up with his latest on “ANTI_SOCIAL II” below:

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