AUDIO: Cairns – “Entanglement”

The latest full-length album from Cairns, a Milwaukee collective that includes the talents of D’Amato, Caley Conway, and Liam O’Brien within its current lineup, is a standout record that won’t get to make many year-end lists purely due to the timing of its release. That isn’t a concern to the artists involved, though, as the album is not only a showcase of talent, but a cohesive project that has a melancholic beauty about it from start to finish. With a prominent brass section, the band delivers elegant, sweeping songs that plays like a much bigger band than the core six members. Warm, analog elements and field recordings give the project a more atmospheric feel, and they in many ways bind the album together. In fact, it takes you until track nine, “Caradhras”, for the energy to pick up, but you don’t necessarily need it to be the shot in the arm that it is. It’s a good album for a rainy (or snowy) day, and a reminder of the plethora of talent that Milwaukee has on display. Check out “Entanglement” below:

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