AUDIO: Guerrilla Ghost – “Perpetually Sad Motion Machine”

After much anticipation, a remix EP, and even a non-album single, today we have Guerrilla Ghost’s long-awaited new album, “Perpetually Sad Motion Machine”. Blending elements of hip hop, screamo, trap, and more isn’t easy, but once you’ve bought in to the dark, brooding sound that Guerrilla Ghost produces, you’re hooked. GGhost don’t shy away from anything, ranging from trying to get over with hip hop fans on single “Everybody Rap” to self-harm (“Sharing Secrets With Sean Spicer”), rape culture (on “Rape Culture”), politics, and much more throughout the nine track release. There’s a wide range of features, including Mario Lanza, Carnage The Executioner, Lorde Fredd33 and others, throwing their own unique flavors into the melting pot. “Perpetually Sad Motion Machine” caps an already successful year for Triple Eye Industries, and is definitely the start of a new chapter for Guerrilla Ghost. Check out the album below:


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