AUDIO: Maal Himself & Genesis Renji – “WHT SMMR”

Earlier this year, Maal Himself made a statement within four tracks on his “BLK WNTR” project. Today, we get the evolution of that project, with the follow up, “WHT SMMR”, featuring Genesis Renji. The format is similar, as we get tracks titled “S”, “M”, “M2”, and “R” on this project, but we also get three bonus tracks, “Between Seasons”, “Comes”, and “Again”. There’s a lot of levels to this project, between the message “SMMR Comes Again”, and a narrative of a friend coercing another friend who is going through issues into coming to a party. Musically, there’s a lot going on as well, with cameos from Renz Young, Jayne Joyce, Tekayes, Mikey Cody Apollo, Camb, Dee Phr3sh!, and Von Alexander. Much like “BLK WNTR”, “WHT SMMR” is an incredibly strong project, and might stay in your project throughout winter, or summer, or whatever season Maal Himself & Genesis Renji say it is. Check out “WHT SMMR” below:

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