AUDIO: Neocaveman – “Bacchanalia”

If you were at the October edition of our “An Evening With” concert series, you know that local prog-rock standouts Neocaveman are capable of making elaborate, captivating songs with a driving energy behind them. That comes out in the band’s latest record, “Bacchanalia”, which was released at the beginning of the month. Gems like “Troubles” bring the best of both worlds to the record, with intricate guitar parts weaving their way into a song that could just be a straight up alt-rock jam on its own. It’s that added depth that gives Neocaveman their sound, and makes records like this one feel just a step or two beyond your average rock record. Within ten tracks, the band manages to blow minds several times over, as the attention to detail comes out in the final product. Check out “Bacchanalia” below:


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