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AUDIO: Lost Tribes of the Moon – “Unleash the Berserkers”

Progressive metal band Lost Tribes of the Moon have their first single out in three years. Inspired by Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed,” the song spans over eight minutes, blazing a trail of epic riffage and occult vocals. The lyrics detail the lives of cursed underground monsters that are awakening and hungering for flesh. Hopefully it’s the sign of more to come

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AUDIO: Golyat – “In My Blood”

Atmospheric black metal project Golyat, a solo endeavor of Bob Schaab’s, has a new single out today. Featuring drums from The Black Dahlia Murder’s Alan Cassidy, this track boils with madness and bloodthirsty urges. It’s about failing God because you’re fueled by greed and sin. If you’re looking for something ferocious yet textural, give Golyat’s new track a listen.

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AUDIO: Wonderful Bluffer – “Goddess of War”

Bluesy prog rockers Wonderful Bluffer are out with their debut single. They tell the story of an ancient people calling upon a goddess to aid them in the struggle against invading forces. Joe Joe Scott’s guitar solo symbolizes the peoples’ secret weapon, while Christian Fritz-Klaus’ vocals are the war cries that the people stand fast from. It’s a tale of

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AUDIO: Arctic Sleep – “By the Horns”

Post-prog metal project Arctic Sleep has two new original compositions out, inspired by the Scout Comics series “By the Horns.” The first track, “Blade Through Your Heart,” revolves around being unable to move past painful memories and being tempted to bring everyone down with you, while the second track “Maybe Magic Won’t Die A Horrible Death Today” is more vague

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AUDIO: Wurk – “Ignition”

Funk-prog rockers Wurk have a new song out this week. Written during the 2020 election, it’s about how American politicians lie to and deceive the people. Many of us have become apathetic towards the bipartisan capitalist system in the last year, but Wurk is here to turn those sentiments into a funky uptempo jam. With a wicked saxophone solo in

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AUDIO: Conundrum – “Is As, There Was”

Prog-psych rockers Conundrum are out with their long-awaited sophomore EP. Beginning with a vibrant and ambient soundscape, the first track features space-like vocals that bring us into an intergalactic daydream. The second track, featuring Mike Neumeyer on vibraphone, is shorter but brings more complex and jazzy instrumentation. The third track had been the EP’s lead single and is a satire

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