AUDIO: Gauss – “Thalweg”

With a mix of the best of punk rock energy and prog rock style, Milwaukee’s Gauss is a breath of fresh air. The band has put out a release annually for the last four years, but for many, “Thalweg”, which was released earlier this month, will serve as a fitting introduction to their eclectic blend of indie. “Thalweg” is a monster from the jump, as opening track “Deeper Than Blue” cuts to the chase, with an crazy alchemy of frantic guitars and horns. Tracks like “Stumbling Block” carry on this frantic pace, and the title track does a great job of trying to encapsulate most of the band’s sound(s).  This release should definitely be a stepping stone for the band, as “Thalweg” could easily compete with many, if not all, mainstream indie records that have come out this year. Check out the 7-track release below and listen for yourself:

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