AUDIO: Antics Featuring Dani Isaily, Ezkiel, and Frankie Carrera – “Paradise”

Merging the worlds of EDM and pop seems like a common tendencies these days, especially if you listen to Top 40 radio, but the task is harder to execute well than it would seem. Milwaukee’s Antics have that formula perfected though, and you can hear that on tracks like “Paradise”, which was released last week via N43 Records. The track features vocalist Dani Isaily, and Chicago natives Ezkiel and Frankie Carrera. The song emerged from a late-night studio session in LA, and from their, the duo of Tanner Dixon and Steven Pitzl took over to create the radio-friendly single that we have now. The blend of styles comes out well on this track, with Isaily and Ezkiel adding vocal melodies, and Carrera getting a guest verse in the middle of the jam. We’ll be hearing more from Antics soon, but for now, check out “Paradise” below:

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