AUDIO: Je’love – “Skyline”

While Milwaukee has its fair share of hip hop acts, the number of prominent R&B acts aren’t really coming in with at as rapid of a pace. Milwaukee artist Je’love is looking to change all of that, though, and her debut album, “Skyline”, is definitely a step in the right direction. Led by singles “Surfing Under The Moon” and “Girls”, she’s not afraid to show off her songwriting on a variety of sounds and styles. From pop crossovers like “Vegas” to the very upfront “Sex”, Je’love definitely draws from top 40 artists to create her music, with clever melodies and hooks that are guaranteed to be earworms. It’s a big first step for Je’love, but she takes it well, and there’s a lot of promise for where she’s headed based off of this album. Check out “Skyline” below:


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