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AUDIO: Je’Love – “Good Girl”

R&B-hip hop artist Je’love dropped a new EP recently. It’s three songs that each find Je’Love telling why she’s better than the rest. The title track is about being sweet but having her patience tried, in “Ooh Nah Nah” she sings about moving her body in all the right ways, and “Blow Ya” is an erotic one where she’s determined

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AUDIO: Je’love – “Pretty Lil Beast”

R&B-hip hop songstress Je’love has a new EP out, featuring three bangers reminding you not to fuck with her. She’s feeling that boss energy, leaning into smooth flexes that firmly finesse. She may be pretty but lets it be known she’s not soft, pulling up in style and out to get her money. The cover art, featuring Je’love posed and

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