Je’love Warms Cactus Club Up

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Beloved Milwaukee R&B singer Je’love kicked off Cactus Club’s Sweetheart Friday last night, bringing a number of tracks off her recent debut album “Skyline” to life. Guitarist Maleek Patterson accompanied her on stage with his especially animated instrumentation style.

Meaning, he played guitar with his tongue at one point.

Features on Je’love’s record include fellow Milwaukee artists Vincent Van Great, Cedes Baby, and L.R, the last of which stepped on stage to perform “World Premiere” with her.

Je’love dropped “Skyline” this past August. Peppered with everything from flavorful pop tunes such as “Vegas” and “Girls,” the trap-oriented “Lies,” the triumphant and uplifting “Purple Heart,” and the provocative slow jams “Surfing Under the Moon” and “Sex,” Je’love’s cohesiveness lives up to the diversity of her album’s thematic material.

“I chose the skyline as my album’s theme because every song is different and I equate that to buildings,” Je’love said. “When you see a skyline you see big buildings, tall buildings, short buildings… when you listen to my album, every song is supposed to give you a different feeling.”

Last night kicked off 2019 for Je’love. With her album out she is excited to collaborate with other artists more.

“I’m open for features right now. I’ve already set the foundation for who I am with my own album, so that people can see who I am and know my vibe,” Je’love said.

Milwaukee MC and producer Rich P hosted Sweetheart Friday. The evening consisted of performances from artists JLyn Rose, Montrey Slayton, and Damonte Rose in addition to Je’love.

“I really like the sound of Cactus Club,” Rich said. “Alex is a pretty good sound guy. He makes me sound good and I usually come here to do all of my events. I wanted to do something different that wasn’t just another rap show.”

Rich is confident Milwaukee will continue growing as a formidable market as artists continue utilizing the city’s creative resources.

“We need to start having a more positive mindset about our city,” Rich said. “There are good things going on here but a lot of people focus on the negative. We can do it all. We all got people in our corner that can help us get forward.

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