AUDIO: Indonesian Junk – “Darkness Calling”

Indonesian Junk have been making a name for themselves in Milwaukee’s punk scene for some time. The band have put out a number of releases, and recently added a new EP to their catalog with “Darkness Calling”. The band have a sound that sort of feels like if the early Ramones records, the New York Dolls, and Cheap Trick (fittingly, since their name references “Surrender”) all merged together. This record continues in that tradition, with frontman Daniel James delivering sneering vocals on songs like “C’Mon And Love Me”. Instrumentally, James, bassist Johnny Cyanide, and drummer Mike Mattner might be tighter than ever on this release, and that’s a promising sign for where the band is headed. Indonesian Junk are putting out high quality music that expands beyond the realm of punk rock while keeping the ethos, and you can hear that on “Darkness Calling” below:


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