AUDIO: Renz Young – “Maybe We Should Figure This Out”

In addition to performing at our showcase as part of Hip Hop Week MKE, Renz Young added to his catalog of releases on Monday, with his latest EP, “Maybe We Should Figure This Out”. The new project is six tracks of Renz Young living in his own spotlight, with self-produced tracks as always, and no featured verses. That being said, Renz always seems to deliver, and can hold your attention for the duration of the 19-minute EP. With a dynamic sound that switches tempos and flows, you get to hear the versatility of Renz Young as an artist and producer on this project. Combined with the “Face Of My Father” short film that was released as a companion piece to the EP, Renz is dedicated to putting out the highest quality, original work that he can. Check out “Maybe We Should Figure This Out” below:


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