AUDIO: Liam O’Brien’s Faithless Followers – “Nowhere To Go”

Liam O’Brien and his rotating cast of Faithless Followers are approaching music in a very different perspective than most artists within the city. While being led up by one person, the band takes a communal approach to an elaborate sound, and that’s on full display with his newest EP, “Nowhere To Go”. Each follower brings something different to the table, with everything from O’Brien’s guitar to a four track recorder to samplers, and even a bouzouki coming into the mix at some point. While keeping things cohesive, O’Brien also brings a variety of tones to this project as well, combining tracks like the simple, humble single “Bag Of Bones” to the 13-minute trance-like closer, “Waken”. If you’re looking for something deeper out of your music, you’ll find that on this project. Check out “Nowhere To Go” below:


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