AUDIO: GGOOLLDD – “The Way That I Feel” (Graham C. Walsh Remix)

One of the standout tracks on GGOOLLDD’s most recent EP, “Teeth” was “The Way That I Feel”, a straight-up rocker that didn’t really have the same synth pop tones that we’re used to from the band. If you were looking for that sound, and maybe more than usual, you’re in luck, as the band unveiled a new remix of the track from Graham C. Walsh that repaints it as a moody, dark, synth-heavy screamer. Margaret Butler’s vocals are mostly unaltered, but everything surrounding them has changed, feelling less like a remix and more like an alternate-reality version of GGOOLLDD, but in a good way. In any case, Walsh takes a song that’s already pretty danceable and turns it into a full out blacklight rave. Check out the remix below:

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