AUDIO: Calliope – “Chapel Perilous”

Put Milwaukee psych rockers Calliope in the north woods, and they’ll come back with a solid record. That’s the case on their newest release, “Chapel Perilous”, the band’s third release. A myriad of influences come into play here, from “Astral Hand” that feels like bits of early Black Sabbath, to the more contemporary sounding title track, with organs that would have made Ray Manzarek smile. The entirety of the record was recorded up north in a cabin, and the secluded nature of the recording gives the project a slightly eery feel, but you can’t help but be compelled by it. In all of this, Calliope’s musicianship shines, with wonderfully layered parts weaving in an out of each other perfectly. The record is definitely an experience from front to back, and well worthy of adding to any psych collection. Check it out below:


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