AUDIO: Lex Allen & Taj Raiden – “Colors In Bloom”

This is a special one, and a meaningful track in the midst of divisive times in our culture. Lex Allen has established himself as one of the artists at the forefront of Milwaukee’s music scene, and Taj Raiden is a name that is fast emerging to get to that level, and the two have come together for a very uplifting new track, “Colors In Bloom”. The track is a collaboration with Diverse & Resilient, with the intention of helping end anti-LGBQT violence. A corresponding campaign is currently being rolled out to promote LGBQT acceptance within communities. At face value, the track is a fun, upbeat pop tune, but the added dimension of the cultural message of the song makes this more than just a great new collaboration track. Check out the new song below, and if you’re interested in going further, you can find out more about Diverse & Resilient on their website.

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