AUDIO: Soda Road – “Varsity Of Winter”

While Soda Road may be made up of three core members, led by songwriter Stephen Strupp, the full collective of twelve musicians help paint the full picture on the band’s new album, “Varsity Of Winter”. When it all comes together like it should, the end product is simple, yet effective folk rock with a grand sound that plays like a well-aged classic rock album. Somewhere between indie, folk, psych, and contemporary alternative are tracks like “Bodhisattva” and “All In All”, which just inexplicably work well with a variety of different sounds. The album is acoustically driven for the most part, but you can lose that in the ensemble of instruments, from moogs to coronets, that accent the tracks. “Varsity Of Winter” is a great, simple album, and a true testament to the songwriting and production involved. Check it out below:

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