AUDIO: New Wave Outlawz – “Psychedelic Melancholia”

The trio of Deth, Spaidez, and Hot Science, aka the New Wave Outlawz, have steadily built up their buzz for the past year or so, ultimately spawning the Arthaus Bando collective in the process. The first full project from the trio, “Psychedelic Melancholia”, was released this past Friday, and it’s the first time we really get to see what the group is truly capable of. While it’s technically hip hop, the New Wave Outlawz are doing something completely unique to themselves, invoking some deep house production and out-of-the-norm sounds and lyrical topics to make themselves stand out. At face value, it could be interpreted as making what some would consider weird music for the sake of standing out, but when you look beyond that, you see the true beauty of the project; ignoring the pretext of genre to create something completely standalone. Spaidez brings a trap flow, Deth has a somewhat punk rock delivery, and Hot Science is an electro-production wizard. On paper, none of that should work together, but the group finds a way to blend it all. Check it out by streaming “Psychedelic Melancholia” below:

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