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The name Wood Chickens is not relatively new to Milwaukee. The Madison based cowpunk band has been trekking to Milwaukee somewhat frequently, but as of recently, the group is starting to see all of their hard work paying off. The band’s debut album, “Countrycide” is out now on Big Neck Records, and they’ll be opening for the Shack Shakers at Club Garibaldi on September 21st. We caught up with the band ahead of their upcoming tour. Check it out below:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

WC: Howdy! We’re 3 medium to large-sized men named Alex Wiley Coyote, The Griff, and Justin J. Johnson. We have a band and it’s called Wood Chickens.

B&E: You guys just released your debut album, “Countrycide”. Who / What influenced the album?

WC: We’d like to think “Countrycide” is a culmination of our collective life experiences thus far. It’s a glimpse into the mythology of Wood Chickens. Also, coffee. Coffee is a major influence these days.

B&E: Was the process different for you this time around, making an album as opposed to previous studio visits? 

WC: We were much more excited, but also more nit-picky for the “Countrycide” sessions, knowing it would be on vinyl. Since one doesn’t even need electricity to listen to an LP, a copy of it could possibly survive the apocalypse, and the thought that someone could check out “Countrycide” even after society’s collapse motivated us to really make it somethin’ special. Working with Bobby Hussy was a joy. We’re all very happy with the finished product and excited to spread the gospel of “Countrycide”!

B&E: You guys are about to start touring. What are you looking forward to most on this tour?

WC: We’re entering some new territory previously uncharted by us Chickens, including Marquette, MI and Eau Claire, WI, along with visiting a lot of familiar cities & good friends. We’re pretty stoked to play a public library show for the first time on tour. We’re hoping it’ll be something like that flick The Breakfast Club (that takes place in a library, right?). Justin is going to bring his best cowboy hats on this tour and Alex might dye his hair some outlandish color. The Griff got a new tattoo. And you can bet we’re gonna do a lot of thriftin’!

B&E: Who are some of your favorite bands to play with in Milwaukee?

WC: Sex Scenes and Scrimshaw are two major faves of ours. We’ve done several shows with Seven Costanza (RIP) and we’ve enjoyed sharing the stage with Ravi/Lola, Duckling, and The Rashita Joneses in the past.

B&E: Lastly, what’s next for Wood Chickens?

WC: Dinner: Pork ‘n’ Beans! After that, more touring followed by even more touring. We have a song in the works featuring David Liebe Hart of Tim & Eric/Adult Swim fame. We also have plans to start tracking soon for a second LP to be released on Big Neck Records. See ya on the road!!

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