AUDIO: Deonte Neely – “Lowkey Vignette”

Sheesh. Deonte Neely is a Milwaukee name that you should know by now, and his latest project, “Lowkey Vignette” confirms that. Not one to drop a lot of loose tracks, it seems like we get more full projects from the producer/rapper, creating a more dynamic image of what goes on in his head. This tape is eleven tracks, each with their own unique vibe to them, but all somehow coming together with a common feel. There’s eleven extra-solid tracks on “Lowkey Vignette”, and very few low points on the project overall. There’s a plethora of features, as well; Kane the Rapper, WolfTheMan, Genesis Renji, Nell, Rob Hicks, Natalija Springer, Tyso SPRME, YL64, Camb, and Nimbus Cool all make appearances. Yes, if you’re keeping score at home, that’s an average of almost one feature per track, but the amalgamation of voices come together like puzzle pieces to create the full project. Check out “Lowkey Vignette” below:

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