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AUDIO: Rated-R Playboy – “Gutterboys”

Hip hop artist Rated-R Playboy (formerly known as Rob Hicks) is out with a new single. Slowing down the tempo a bit here, he raps about gun violence affecting black kids and how it makes them take up the streets. He acknowledges having to constantly watch your back when you’ve had this type of life, especially when the cops keep

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AUDIO: Amerikas Addiction – “The Prelude To…”

Amerikas Addiction has run under the radar for several years, but they’ve always found a way to make their name known when they have new music out. The group has a new EP out, and you can hear the development of the group’s sound. Features from Rob Hicks, Nicole Renee, Divide XC, Genesis Renji, and J.R. Donato line “The Prelude

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AUDIO: Rob Hicks – “Synergy”

No matter how big his current buzz is, Rob Hicks’ name should still be better known for the caliber of music that he puts out. The latest addition to his catalog of work is “Synergy”, a dark track that showcases Hicks’ style, while also making note of his ability to create something out of the ordinary. “Synergy” is a loose

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