Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch Presented By JBL Professional: June 2017

The summer is heating up, and so is our monthly Five To Watch Presented by JBL Professional. As the weather gets warmer, and we start thinking summertime, we have five new acts to put onto your summer playlists. Thousands of bands and artists from around the world submitted music to us, but we’ve narrowed it down to these acts. Say hello to your June Five To Watch:

Ryan Kulp (New York, NY)

New York singer-songwriter might have a summer hit on his hands with “Indecisive”, a track with a hook that will get stuck in your head from the moment that you first hear it as the start of the song. A former software developer, Kulp is making a go of it playing music full-time, hitting the road and playing shows wherever the music takes him. Influenced by semi-acoustic alternative acts like John Mayer and the Goo Goo Dolls, Kulp is making a name for himself with cleverly written tunes, including his recently released “South of Market”. Check out “Indecisive” below:

Siberia (Orlando, FL)

With a sound that would normally come out of indie/hipster hotbeds like New York or Los Angeles, Orlando artist Siberia is making highly creative, addicting synth music that fuses EDM and pop together. Earlier this year, she released her EP, “Send”; a collection of five dark, brooding tracks in the vein of artists like Purity Ring and Banks. With trap percussion, and brilliant harmonies draped over the top of those beats, Siberia could definitely turn some heads in the near future with the music that she’s making. Get a glimpse of that below with “Still Water Still Sane”:

Lauren Dair (Valencia, CA)

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Lauren Dair might look vaguely familiar to you. After moving to Los Angeles, Dair turned her attention to acting and performing music, and landed the role of “Young Jess” on Fox’s “New Girl”. After growing up, forming and subsequently dissolving a band, Dair is embarking on her musical journey on her own account, now, with her third EP being released last year. It’s clear to see that Lauren has the talent to hack it in Hollywood, much less anywhere else in the world. With a sound that tinges on  both alternative rock and pop, Lauren Dair has a sound that could translate to mainstream success, and a voice to match. Hear for yourself on her single, “Old Fashioned” below:

Clubhouse (Columbus, OH)

With all things 80’s coming back in style musically, Clubhouse are falling into the right place at the right time. The band has an indie pop sound that feels drenched in 80’s synth nostalgia. The band is generating a buzz for themselves with their sound; they’ve already performed at festivals alongside indie mainstays like Silversun Pickups, HAIM, and Passion Pit. The band has only been around for a relatively short time, but their songwriting ability and well-crafted singles feel like the products of a veteran band. Clubhouse should be on your radar, and you can hear why by listening to their single, “Kyra”:

Nialand (Chicago, IL)

Chicago native Nialand is a breath of fresh air when you hear her. While down-to-earth R&B artists like her come and go every few years, on first listen, you can tell that there’s the talent to keep her name around for some time. In addition to having the vocal chops to draw you in, her hybrid style of pop and R&B has a certain timeless feel to it. Nialand has already worked with some impressive names; both as a vocalist for the legendary MC Lyte, and as a featured artist on productions with Lupe Fiasco, R. Kelly, Kanye West, and many more. With that kind of talent associated with her name, and the sound to back it up, Nialand could become a force to be reckoned with in the contempory music industry. Check out her single, “Tomorrow”:

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