AUDIO: Midnight Reruns – “Spectator Sports”

The triumphant return of Midnight Reruns is here, with the band’s first album since 2015’s “Force of Nurture”. “Spectator Sports” is ten tracks of bright, catchy music, with just enough of an edge to put the songwriting over the top. There’s punk rock energy in many of these tracks, but also guitar solos, and pop song-worthy melodies, making this an amalgamation of sounds that hooks you the first time that you hear it. It’s the music that Midnight Reruns have really always been making, but you can see the progression on this album, with their sound developing into something that could make almost any room move. The band has a short number of dates announced, including an April 1st stop at Cactus Club, but you can likely expect to hear the sounds of “Spectator Sports” at various venues around the city all summer long. Check out the album below and pick it up via Bandcamp:



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