AUDIO: darkDARK – “Heathered”

If you’re familiar with acts like Sleigh Bells and Purity Ring, we have some blissful electronic pop that you’ll love. Electronic production duo darkDark’s new EP, “Heathered”, mixes eclectic production tracks with wonderful harmonies, creating a variable utopia for electronic music fans. Yes, there are drops, and yes, there are sections that sound like organized chaos; but the combination of all of the elements that make up this sound blend together into a very euphoric final product. From the moment you press play on opening track, “Moments”, you get a great feel for what you’re about to encounter. The ensuing five track EP becomes an escape of sorts, with a relaxing, yet intricate blend of synths, guitars, and breathy vocals that hold your attention. This is top-notch pop, and you won’t regret checking it out. Stream “Heathered” in full below:

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