Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch Presented By JBL Professional: February 2017

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation. To submit to become one of our Five To Watch, click here.

With every month, it seems like we get hundreds and hundreds of incredible music submissions to become one of our Five To Watch, making this a very tough decision for us. While we heard tons of great artists this time around, these five stood out to us the most. Here are our Five To Watch Presented by JBL Professional for February:

Kristine Mirelle (Los Angeles, CA)

Aside from being a master classical pianist, as well as a talented pop singer/songwriter, Kristine Mirelle is a hustler. For several years, she traveled the country selling her music, literally door to door at times if need be. Mirelle now carries on that hard work ethic to her booking schedule, performing multiple shows per week on the west coast, largely in the Los Angeles Area. She’ll be taking her show even further on the road, however, with the 25 city #IBelieveInUS tour, which kicks off in April. One listen to “Freakin Mess” below, and you’ll hear why she has amassed a following nationwide and beyond:

Pirate Signal (Saint Louis, MO)

Pirate Signal are a gritty Midwestern band with an updated take on the alternative sound that broke into the mainstream in the early 90’s. The band mixes melody with a brash, heavy trudge that only a city like Saint Louis could influence. With bands like the Foo Fighters and Deftones as influences, the sound that the band is trying to acheive is pretty clear, and they do a great job of capturing that energy and giving it a modern flair. Pirate Signal have a very commercial appeal to their music, and it’s only a matter of time before the world sees that. Check out “Salt On Wound” below:

Fake Flowers Real Dirt (Baltimore, MD)

Sometimes, great music transcends so many genres that it needs to become its own unique thing. Baltimore’s Fake Flowers Real Dirt fall into that description, as their music lies somewhere in the middle of a Venn diagram between funk, reggae, ska, and psychadelic. With an inescapable breakbeat, tight horns, and a bass that glues everything together, the band emerges from a basement in Baltimore with incredible musicianship. Their sound is nothing short of a beautiful hodgepodge, making for an eclectic feel that you can’t help but get down to. Check out “Three Straight Days” and tell us otherwise:

Barrett Staples (Seattle, WA)

The Pacific Northwest has been producing some slept-on, high quality hip hop in recent years, and Barrett Staples is doing his part to make sure that his music is described as the latter rather than the former. With elements of soul and pop, Staples makes creative, laid back music that hooks you from the moment you hear it. Staples’ sound feels like Seattle; dreary and grey at times, but always with an underlying cool to it that transcends its surroundings. Quite simply, his sound is down-to-earth, with a relatable flow that you can put on in almost any situation and enjoy. Check out “All Right” and hear what the buzz should be all about:

Amira B (New York, NY)

Singer/songwriter Amira Baigina, better known as Amira B, has already endured her fair share of ups and downs as an artist. After a year that was marred with vocal issues, she is back and ready to take on the world with an album that will see the light of day this year. Her sound blends soul, R&B, and funk, and her sultry vocals over the top take everything to a new level. Comparable to artists like Joss Stone, she is also incredibly gifted as a writer, which is the core component to developing a great sound. Amira B is looking to make a big impact with her upcoming album, and “Wouldn’t I Like To Know” is a great starting point. Check out the song below:

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