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Brett Newski could be the first singer/songwriter with his own Travel Channel show. He touches down in Milwaukee, however, for a show with KT Tunstall, Chris Porterfield of Field Report, Goran from The Gufs, and Willy Porter tomorrow night. We tracked Brett down to ask him about his travel and Saturday’s show:

B&E: You’re sort of an international man of mystery. When were you first bit by the travel bug?

Newski: When the Argentine peso crashed in 2008, I went down to Buenos Aires and backpacked around. I was living like a king, eating primo steak dinners for $5 and seeing the craziest old Spanish architecture. That was my first trip out of the USA, and I realized you could actually save money traveling. The USA is expensive.

B&E: Part of your album, “Land, Air, Sea, Garage” was recorded in Sri Lanka(!) How did you hook up studio time there?

Newski: There was no studio whatsoever! We set up our gangster recording gear at a surf camp in the middle of the jungle. I think you can hear giant lizards if you listen close.

B&E: Do you think that you do more writing when you’re traveling, or when you’re back in Wisconsin?

Newski: Wisconsin is the best. I like to digest coffee beans to get buzzed and write hot super hits for bigger artists like Rihanna, Madonna and Ron Artest.

B&E: What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you while traveling?

Newski: I got chased by a gangster in the Philippines that tried to stab me.

B&E: Do you have any ideas as to where you might want to record your next album?

Newski: LeBron James’ private gym or in Oakland at Tiny Telephone Studios. I think if I sing real good on this one, I could be the next lead singer of Journey.

B&E: Lastly, who are you looking forward to playing with most at Turner Hall on January 28th?

I just found out that Willy Porter and Chris Porterfield are not related. What!? Both those guys are awesome.

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