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AUDIO: Brett Newski – “Lie in All Honesty”

Singer-songwriter Brett Newski’s latest single he wrote when he was twenty about the little control he had over his emotions. Inspired by the phenomenon of “scrolling” culture social media instilled in our lives, this folk punk jam touches on the Internet’s firm grip on all of us; we can try avoiding it all we want but rarely can we stay

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AUDIO: Brett Newski – “Totalitarian Theme Song”

Singer-songwriter Brett Newski has another new single out today, and it’s about being down on your luck. He’s living his life like a Monopoly game; karma is a bitch and life feels like an illusion. In a clever blend of humor and a depressive outlook on life, Newski pokes fun at the absurdity of it all. This is his second

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AUDIO: Brett Newski – “Piss in the Wind”

Powerhouse singer-songwriter Brett Newski’s latest tune is about letting go of all the cares in the world and doing whatever the hell you want. It’s a quick one at about a minute and a half, but that’s more than enough time for Newski to make his point in a sing-along folk jam. Best of all, he’s invited us to join

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