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AUDIO: Brett Newski – “Life Underwater”

Bohemian singer-songwriter Brett Newski’s latest new song is about those low moments that are only temporary. Things can feel like the end of the world but ultimately can be the catalyst for something great. Newski feels like he’s swimming across a treacherous sea but once he grounds himself he’s able to get to the other side. Here’s to all of

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AUDIO: Brett Newski – “Lillian Road”

Bohemian singer-songwriter Brett Newski’s latest tune is about young hopeless love with no chance. You learn so much about yourself through naivety, ultimately building self-awareness and confidence. Newski is tired of wearing the cloak of insecurity, although little does he know everything eventually falls into place. It’s a bright anthem for the lovestruck misfit. Stay tuned for more from Brett

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