AUDIO: Will It Burn – “Alcoholic Swear Monster”

With a immense mix of genres, Milwaukee’s Will It Burn is an anomaly of sorts. The combination of hip hop samples and twangy guitar from Eightzero, combined with vocalist EmAliyah, creates something completely unique. That uniqueness is fully on display with the group’s most recent release, “Alcoholic Swear Monster”. From the opening of “Yes” forward, you discover that while there are familiar elements, the music that you’re about to listen to isn’t completely like anything you’ve heard before. The closest comparison that comes to mind is early records from Citizen King, with big, expansive sounds that were an amalgamation of so many different sounds you couldn’t process them all, but you could enjoy them all being thrown together. “Alcoholic Swear Monster” feels like a continuation of that eclectic style, and it’s something that has been sorely missed for some time. If you can truly listen to any genre of music, this is a record for you. Check out “Alcoholic Swear Monster” below:

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