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AUDIO: Will It Burn – “Alcoholic Swear Monster”

With a immense mix of genres, Milwaukee’s Will It Burn is an anomaly of sorts. The combination of hip hop samples and twangy guitar from Eightzero, combined with vocalist EmAliyah, creates something completely unique. That uniqueness is fully on display with the group’s most recent release, “Alcoholic Swear Monster”. From the opening of “Yes” forward, you discover that while there

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AUDIO: Will It Burn – “Mercy”

If anyone tells you that Milwaukee’s music scene is not eclectic, they’re either lying, or they haven’t looked hard enough. This is where groups like Will It Burn fit in; self-described as a trip-hop duo, the group is set to release their sophomore album, “Alcoholic Swear Monster”, on November 22nd. “Mercy” is the album’s lead single, and it serves as

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