AUDIO: NiceFM – “Comp2Cruise”

The NiceFM roster is back, offering up their latest mix, “Comp2Cruise”. The electronic label has a host of talented artists, and many of them are on display here, in a 40-minute release that intertwines them all. Tracks from Ipaghost, Forth Child, Echo Island, DASHCAM, Luxi, Michael Vintage, Hot Science, Plaid Hawaii, Martiln, and Laguna all make the cut, and it works together to create an eclectic blend of vaporwave. Check out the compilation below, and be prepared to vibe out for 40-minutes non-stop.

Track List:

1. Nice Cruise Intro
2. Ipaghost- Pseudorandom
3. Forth Child- Happiness
4. Echo Island- Drive
5. DASHCAM- Sundown Palms
6. Luxi – PASSING BY (feat. Joshua Jenquin)
7. Michael Vintage- Ocean Breeze
8. Hot Science- Stay
9. Hot Science x Forth Child- Daylight
10. Plaid Hawaii- Underwater Breeze
11. Martiln- Metropolis
12. Laguna- Divide Overflow

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