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AUDIO: Dashcam – “Sundown on Volcano Beach”

Synthpop act Dashcam released his long-awaited new album this week. There’s eleven tracks here that paint vibrant pictures of explosive skyscapes, luxuriant nature and paradisial getaways. Basking in the oceans of nostalgia, these tunes connect conduits between love, memory, dreams and fantasy. Dashcam enlists many wonderful fellow artists to join him on these songs including Clear Pioneer, Liv Held, The

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Phantasm”

Cover artwork for Immortal Girlfriend - "Phantasm"

Quickly becoming the next big thing in Milwaukee music, Immortal Girlfriend are back with a new retro-dripped, haunting track, “Phantasm”. With all of the warm synths and dark percussion that you can handle, the track is addicting, with a compelling blend of processed vocals and a vaporwave-like tempo. The duo only put out one track in 2019, and were named

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AUDIO: NiceFM – “Comp2Cruise”

The NiceFM roster is back, offering up their latest mix, “Comp2Cruise”. The electronic label has a host of talented artists, and many of them are on display here, in a 40-minute release that intertwines them all. Tracks from Ipaghost, Forth Child, Echo Island, DASHCAM, Luxi, Michael Vintage, Hot Science, Plaid Hawaii, Martiln, and Laguna all make the cut, and it

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