Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 5/8/15 – Midnight Reruns

This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Midnight Reruns, a veteran Milwaukee band that combines classic rock songwriting and punk rock attitude. The band has been around for a few years, and always seem to bring their best on their releases. Their latest, the “Get Me Out” EP, is a short, fast, solid record. In a way, it almost sounds like what made the glam-rock and early punk eras so interesting, but Midnight Reruns aren’t really trying to be The New York Dolls at all. They are, however, a great straight-up rock and roll band, and that’s all you would really want from them, anyway.

The EP begins with “Ain’t Gonna Find” an adrenaline shot from the second you press play. The song is very guitar-driven, and a head-bobber to say the least. There’s an energy throughout this whole record, and this song sets the tone. If you like The Hives, you would love Midnight Reruns.

Things move along with “Ancient Creature”, a moving, winding song that’s admittedly more musical than it’s predecessor. However, the intensity picks up moving into the hook, and the song has it’s fair share of distorted guitars to fit the sound of this album.

“Eyes On The Sunset” is a pulsating track that keeps the album moving, and is probably the most dynamic song on the whole release. The real kicker about this track is that Midnight Reruns find a way to do big, effect-filled guitar solos in a way that doesn’t sound forced or over the top. It very much fits the realm of what the band is doing on the rest of the album, while being it’s own unique song.

The EP comes to a close with “The Other Man”, another lo-fi, high speed jam that is full of energy and impact. The song is two minutes in total, but it doesn’t feel like a short song. In fact, a lot of these songs don’t feel as short as they really are. We’re in and out of most songs in just under two and a half minutes, much like the musical equivalent of a smash and grab robbery. Minus the feeling of getting robbed, of course.

Releases like the “Get Me Out” EP are nothing new to Midnight Reruns. On both of their previous projects, they’ve honed in their sound with a sound all their own. People are taking notice, as well. The band is starting to play bigger venues, including recently opening for The Replacements, and an upcoming trip to Florida for The Fest. Make sure you get a chance to check them out in a smaller venue while you still can, as it’s looking like they may not be playing small venues for much longer.

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