Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 2/13/2015 – The Young Revelators

This week, we cast the Milwaukee Artist of the Week spotlight on The Young Revelators, a trio with a sound that’s very well-rounded. With a range of pulsating rock, blues, and a touch of psychedelic, the band’s self-titled EP is a flurry of great songwriting mixed with wonderful talent. The EP was released in January, and recorded in the band’s basement and living room. You wouldn’t be able to tell that, however, with the great quality to both the production and the band’s sound.

The EP begins with the upbeat “Killing Time”, which serves as a solid introduction to the band. While it catches your attention from the beginning, it serves as a presentation of the bands more aggressive, alternative rock side. Then things get to mellow out a bit, and you can see where the band excels; managing the duality of their sound into genre-spanning twists and turns. That mellow-out is brought on by “Lend Your Ear”, a record full of fun, positive sounds and led by a curling guitar riff. You get the feeling that you are watching this band live from the sound of the track, which is really the end goal of any recording. Never ones to disappoint, the song also has a tempo change that keeps you hooked.

The middle of this EP is “Times Is Hard”, a trudging blues jam that once again shows off TYR’s versatility. While initially carrying a traditional blues feel to it, there is a high-energy section towards the end of the song that drives things home. An impressive display of their talent, to say the least. If that isn’t good enough, the nine-minute “Tired Of Love Songs” is an even bigger showcase; with a mellow beginning that builds, and various ebbs and flows from start to finish. You don’t realize the song’s length at any point, which is always a challenge with what can look like a marathon of a recording on paper. The Young Revelators do it well, however, and keep your attention throughout the track.

Things close on a softer note with “We’ll Never Learn”, which to some extent shows of yet another side of the band. It’s clear that the The Young Revelators have a tremendous amount of ability from this EP. With a cohesive blend of blues and rock, the group is nothing short of impressive, and I would definitely recommend checking out more of their work. Stream their self-titled EP below:

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