Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 6/27/14 – Lex Allen

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Lex Allen, a renaissance R&B artist with a wide range of skills. The Milwaukee native summarizes his sound as “alternative R&B with a southern twang” and that is very accurate. One look at his live performance, and you can see that Lex is a unique individual. At times, he can pull from classic soul and funk music, creating a modern take on a timeless sound. Other times, there is a much deeper aspect to Lex’s music, allowing the world to see a more honest, emotional side of who he is. Regardless of the current style that he’s in, he’s 100% authentic, and that comes out in his songwriting and overall sound.

Lex’s latest release is “Anonymous Vibes”, a collection dynamic original songs that showcase his range. Allen gets to display a confident, powerful voice over some great production when he needs to. At times, he can mix it up and have fun, such as the upbeat “Vogue In Yah Underwear” which is about… well… just that. The real strong point to the release are tracks like “Mirror Mirror” and “We R Broken”, which show off not only his sound, but his creative songwriting, as well. It’s apparent that with a little bit of development, Lex Allen is beginning to carve out his name in the Milwaukee music scene, and has the potential to go much further than that, as well. Check out the video for “Vogue in Yah Underwear”, as well as a recent live performance video below:

For more Lex Allen, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and his official website.

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