Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 5/23/14 – The Midwestern Charm

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is The Midwestern Charm, a pop/rock outfit that has a have that just that; a midwestern charm about themselves. You can hear it in their sound, including their second album, “Growing Pains”. While the album title seems to signify that the band is changing and adapting, in many ways, their sound is very polished throughout the release. With good reason, too, seeing as the band has been playing together since 2009. Their unique blend of indie on the record combines a bright acoustic guitar over a grittier rhythm section and rhythm guitar, giving their songs an extra kick of energy. To compare, the band has the simple, innocent songwriting of bands like Death Cab For Cutie with the edge that bands like Death Cab For Cutie can never seem to find. That combination is something that The Midwestern Charm pulls off well.

“Growing Pains” is a solid record from start to finish, and if you’ve never heard The Midwestern Charm, this is a great introduction to the band. With addicting melodies, such as mid-album cut “Lush”, and solid production throughout, The Midwestern Charm show that they can definitely take their music to a national level. There’s a certain amount of universal appeal to their sound; it’s almost inexplicable. Simply put, it just sounds great from start to finish. When you hear music like this, you just feel it. Their sound also transfers well from their recorded versions to a live show, although the added production that goes into “Growing Pains” takes it up a notch. It’s likeable on all fronts. The Midwestern Charm might have one of the most applicable band names ever for that reason. Check out “Growing Pains” below:

For more of The Midwestern Charm, find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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