Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 5/16/14 – Seven Costanza

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Seven Costanza, a Bay View trio that embodies true punk rock, DIY spirit, with some well crafted songs to boot. With only around a year together as a band, the guys have managed to write and record their first album, which was recently released via their Bandcamp. While many bands seem to stumble out of the gate, Seven Costanza have found their sound, and this album is proof of that.

One of the things that I find interesting about this album was that it was recorded partially in a basement, but at no point does this sound like one of those infamous basement tapes that float around (or frequent MKEPunk). At least it doesn’t sound that way when it’s not supposed to. Mid-album track “What’s Eating Arnie Grape?” is based around an absolutely crunching guitar, but proceeds to become a heavy, trudging jam. Other songs have some buzz to deal with, like the intro to album opener “Ratty Pack Shoes”, but that’s also completely by design. One listen, and you’re first instinct is “that’s punk rock”. This is true DIY in spirit, and it doesn’t need to be completely polished to be awesome. A lot of bands miss that fact, especially with more and more tools coming out to alter recordings and clean up everything. Purists can relate to this album, but it’s something all punk and alternative fans can check out and enjoy.

At the end of the day, you can tell that this is the product of a lot of hard work. This album is full of well written songs, and I’m sure that this sound translate to the band’s live show perfectly. Seven Costanza has already begun to play several shows, and I’m sure you’ll see their name popping up on bills around Bay View and beyond this summer. You can check out Seven Costanza’s self titled debut below, and buy it for whatever price you’d like via Bandcamp.

For more Seven Costanza, check them out on Facebook.

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