Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 4/25/14 – Dream Attics

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Dream Attics, an electronic/pop duo with a knack for wonderfully crafted songs. Armed with a 4-song debut EP, the combination of Nick Tovarek and Shane English create just the right mix of electronic, pop, and indie to leave you wanting more. The end product is “Unbend”, the group’s impressive introduction to Milwaukee and the world.

However, it should be noted that “Unbend” isn’t the first time that the pair worked together. Prior to the decision to work together as a group, they had recorded several demos for songs that ultimately went unfinished. Once the decision was made to create together as a unit, Grammy nominated engineer Joe Lambert entered the mix, helping craft some of the magic on this EP. Lambert’s other work includes albums from Animal Collective and Local Natives, amongst several other prominent indie groups. With talent like that in your corner, you can’t help but have a solid record on your hands.

In terms of composition, “Unbend” is very well assembled from beginning to end. Dream Attics take their own spin on contemporary indie pop, with a blend of calm vocal melodies and ambient, fluid beats. To compare, this would almost be like taking the Beach Boys and giving them a current sound, with some of the elements of groups like The Shins and Minus The Bear. While that may seem like a lofty comparison, there are a lot of similar qualities between those groups and what Dream Attics have going on. “Unbend” sounds very much like an escape in recorded form. The laid back, almost ambient style on “Somebody Loved Me” sounds like seclusion exemplified. If possible, this is an EP that seems like it would be best enjoyed alone, but in a good way. The next time that you’re out and about, let Dream Attics be your companion. Stream “Unbend” below:

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